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We print for artists across the country. Photographs, mobile images, digital art, finesse.

Do you want to produce giclee of your artwork? We help you with the whole process. Get in touch by email



A white art paper made of 100% cotton. Photo Rag is the most popular paper among photographers and provides high quality art prints. The fine, smooth surface and Photo Rag's properties make this paper very versatile, and ideal for both black and white and color printing. Photographs and reproductions appear with impressive depth. Available in 188, 308 and 500g.

BBG_FineArtPrint_HM_PhotoRag_Pearl .jpg


A high-white paper with a "pearl finish" in 100% alpha cellulose. The FineArt Pearl paper provides impressive contrasts and depth in both black and white and color. The special coating has a completely unique pearl finish. 285g.



A shiny white glossy photo paper in 100% alpha cellulose. Baryta FB is a very light white paper with an extra glossy surface and structure that corresponds to a classic baryta paper. The high weight of 350 grams enhances the traditional feel and creates visually superior prints. 350g.



A white matt textured art paper made of 50% cotton and 50% alpha-cellulose. This traditional watercolor paper gives an artistic touch to reproductions and photographs. 210g.

We press Hahnemühle, Canson and Moab. For prices regarding Canson and Moab, please contact or call 41219999.

We produce Gicleé Fine Art Print for artists. We photograph the original, make a print file and print the art on quality paper.  

We use Hahnemühle acid-free paper with a 60-year duration.

In this way, the artist gets the opportunity to sell his paintings in limited print run. 

Giclee is the name of a high quality digital art print. It requires an advanced special printer with 9-12 colors in lightfast pigment-based ink, as well as an acid-free museum paper in cotton of the best quality. The colors are sprayed layer by layer into the paper, and the colors are guaranteed a durability of 75-100 years. This technique is used by a number of artists around the world to produce digital graphic works in a limited edition, which are numbered and signed by the artist.  Galleries and museums around the world have approved this new technique as art, and the Metropolian Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York have achieved sky-high auction prices. A giclee by Gerhard Richter was sold in 2017 for more than NOK 20 million at Sotheby's.

DGA is to a greater extent made through digital tools, and does not need to have a physical version. The image is printed in the same way as a giclee in a limited edition numbered and signed by the artist. The new techniques in digital graphics contribute to the artists having a greater opportunity to make a living from art. They also get the opportunity to show their photos to a larger audience.


We print mobile images in large format. Send your photos to directly from the camera roll on your mobile and state the size you want. We adjust the pictures for free if you want black and white

Contact us by email for prices.

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