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1)Green Illusion.jpg

Trude Skau Løken

Trude Skau Løken

In 2002 I took my first painting course. It was with oil paint and the start of a new hobby. There have been many courses since then and I quickly switched to acrylic painting.  I use acrylic in various variations and often together with mixed media. Love the variety that the different techniques express, it gives endless possibilities.

I am educated in economics and have worked in this field for many years. Painting became a nice relaxation, something completely different from rules and temptations, just being creative on a canvas.

Very fond of the abstract expression, both the rough with mixed media and the calm "delicate". I have lived in China for five years and then had the opportunity to attend several courses, e.g. in Chinese painting, always fun to learn new techniques.

Now I live in Nærsnes with my husband and two children and paint as much as I can. Starting on a blank canvas, just following the path to a finished painting is sometimes short and sometimes endlessly long... but always just as inspiring to be in the flow of painting and see the end of a new painting.

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