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Medium DGA

Title: "Dream"


Roy Lindquist

  • Roy Lindquist was born in 1950 in Oslo, and grew up in Kjelsås where he lived until 1968. The Lindquist family were musical and several became performing musicians. Roy chose another path and became a student at the Norwegian Opera Ballet School, and later also as a student at the Norwegian Theater's actor education. Drawing was an interest  which lasted for ten years, until 1976. Roy was a permanent employee of DNT, but participated in several  television productions  and movies. For two years, Roy toured all over Sweden with the Swedish Riksteãtern in three  setups. Career  ended in Iceland, during the Nordic Music Days with a  ballet  that was  choreographed  by Roy. He   were solo dancers. Roy participated twice during  Festspilling  in Bergen, 1969 and 1976. Studio Oscar was a stand-alone  ballet group of which Roy was a member. Roy's creative abilities created a longing to have time to create,  and the painter Tor Hoff, who followed Roy from junior high school all the way up to Hoff`s tragic death, pushed to get Roy to take up the visual arts again. Roy says of himself: “I'm like  one  children placed in a sandbox, where play and imagination lead me in many directions ”. Digital systems aids  has become his playground where he currently creates his art. Roy has been accepted by Saatchi online gallery in London and he has participated in 2 PopUp exhibitions with good sales results. Roy currently lives in Ålesund.

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