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Kjersti Ormbostad ARCTIC 30 x 30 cm (miljø).jpg

Kjersti Ormbostad

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kjersti ormbostad

My name is Kjersti Ormbostad, I am 48 years old and live in Aure in Nordmøre. Lives with my husband
and my two youngest children, eldest daughter has moved out.
I have always had a heart for the creative. I am inspired by a lot, but never cease to be amazed
all the changes of nature, natural structures and forms. With the deer that graze on the field, the sea and
high mountains as your nearest neighbour, it's hard not to be inspired.
I work in a nursery, where the children explore and are curious and play is important and central to their lives.
I think that playing and exploring is also important when creating art and the children help me see things from a different perspective
different perspective. I love experimenting and finding new elements to put into my paintings,
preferably natural materials or scraps from metalwork from my husband's hobby workshop.
I don't always have a clear plan. Most of the paintings are created along the way.
In the spring of 2021, I came across Kristin Oksavik's painting studio on Facebook. I registered there and then
started my painting journey. I haven't regretted it! She has many good tips and tricks and has several good ones
mentors with him on the team. With over 400 members, we also benefit and enjoy each other.
So far I have painted with acrylics, but I also use other painting media for structure and other effects.
The paintings are both abstract and partly figurative.
I haven't had much focus on selling my art yet, but have sold a few paintings. Think so
It's so great that other people like what I make and want it at home. Hope you also find something you like
Instagram: @kjersti_maler Facebook: Kjersti's paintings
Tel: +47 92691566

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