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Jan Helgesen

Jan Helgesen

Biography of Jan Helgesen (b. 1963)


Jan Helgesen lives in Oslo and is happy with what nature has to offer in small and large individuals and details that we surround ourselves with every day. His pictures reflect a conglomeration of impressions and coincidences from nature. He never has a plan for what he will photograph. In this way, he often finds himself entering an abstract calm. And this becomes the driving force behind the photography. Nature inspires and challenges with different moods and color variations, the contrast between light and dark, between hard and soft, between cold and warm, decay and renewal.


He has over 35 years as a graphic artist behind him and has always had a good eye for detail in his work. Nothing has been added or removed from the designs - just simple editing! I can thank photographer Kjell Brustad for the idea and motivation to venture commercially. He said it so simply: ''Consider 1 square meter out in nature and see what you actually see around you in oddities and subtle formations created by nature''. It ended with the purchase of two 1x1 m pictures that remind me every day of what undiscovered gems nature has to offer...


Is available at all times of the day at:

-Tel: 90080008

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